Mission & Vision

Mission : Empower tribal community/women for social and economic development and enable them to access their due share & develop capabilities.
Vision: To develop/capacitate tribal society by capacitating the tribal women comprehensively, promoting, strengthening and expanding tribal women where sustainable development initiatives could be undertaken for marginalized sections of the society and work against human rights violation health, economic and environment issues. We want to transform our Mission & Vision into concrete action by ensuring job oriented training, enhance income & develop health, environment and education for faster and inclusive growth.
Main aims of the Society: Increase consciousness among tribal women especially among the single tribal migrant women and those who are at the verge of migration from the tribal areas, develop their socio-economic base, Promote/preserve tribal culture & identity, undertake development programmes in all the areas of tribal women empowerment and to undertake job oriented vocational training.
Our Plans: Our Plan is to undertake different projects/ programmes to empower the target groups. Exclusively to undertake the following;


  • Economic activities for tribal women
  • Health related project for them
  • Natural Resources protection, promotion and preservation
  • Inculcating knowledge among tribal women to undertake small business for incmone generation
  • Capacitating and enhancement of voice to vioceless tribal community.
  • Setting up of Village Tribal Women resource Centres (VTWRCs.
  • Coordinate with like minded organizations.
  • Seeking suitable financial support from Government, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and donor from abroad.


Target Group Tribal community of Jharkahnd and Chhatisgar in general and its women group in particular are our target groups. It includes adolescent boys and Girls of disadvanatged sections of the population.


Staff members- are looking after the whole work of accounts, maintenance of office, managing daks , typing work etc. Volunteers are associated in implementation of the projects. All 7 Executive Members participate in policy decision and involved in project implementation also. Project Director is alsoasociated in all level of project formulation and implementation in order to ensure that project objectives are achieved well within the time and budget.