How To Help Tribal Women

  1. Empower Tribal: not have capacity and representation in democratic Institutions due to their marginalized/disadvantaged status. They do not understand the whole gamut of rule/regulation/legislations and unable to extract benefits from the civil and political authorities. Local civil authorities are not transparent and accountable for the comprehensive empowerment of the tribal community, moreover, primary unit of democracy i.e. "Gram Sabha" village committee is week, hence tribal people still denied social justice, falsely implicated in many problems & not enjoy any democratic rights, therefore we are extending all needed technical support to empower comprehensively.
  2. Focus attention are being given in local governance on strengthening the inclusiveness and accountability, ensuring that they have the capacity to manage the opportunities and responsibilities. Sensitizing local stakeholders/officials to change their attitude promote transparency/accountability and implement socio economic and all development plans and policies at the community level in transparent manner.
  3. Tribal people are forest dwellers and away from the mainstream society hence ignored completely and due to ignorance unable to extract the available socio economic benefits. Health status is also precarious, live in poverty and un-hygienically and depend on small farming and collection of Minor Forest Produce which is also banned under Indian Forest Act, 1927. Hence extending of technical knowledge to protect, preserve and promote natural resources. We have also undertaken economic activities to capacitate tribal women become economically independent and come out from the vicious cycle of poverty. Their political scenario is only up to casting of their vote; economically they are weak and more than half of the tribal population living below the poverty line. Due to ignorant, illiteracy, , joblessness, exploitation/ deprivation, poverty and simplicity they suffer and migrate to earn livelihood. Single tribal women migration/Trafficking is alarming tribal community and its impact is dangerous for the community, to this effect we are also active in this areas. All the socio-economic indicators are against them. Political direction are imposed on them, not knowing the impact on them, due to above prevailing situation number of problems have arises in the area. Tribal people are not associated in policy formulation, however policy are rigitly imposed on them no matter how is their life, what level of their suffering enhancing etc.

Focus Group Discussion:

  1. Every year we celebrate different festivals by involving the tribal migrant women to protect and promote our rich cultural heritage and identity. Among all the festivals, we celebrate 'Karam Festival' prominently. This festival is held in the first fortnight of September every year,
  2. To enhance the capacity and earnings of exploited and deprived tribal migrant women, we have conducted ' Rescue- cum- Rehabilitation Training Centre (RRTC) at New Delhi with the financial support extended by the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues- UN Trust Fund. Leadership Development training imparted among tribal women with the support of mama cash. Regularly, we interact with tribal girls/women. While conversing with them they shared their experiences both good and bad & their daily struggle to survive in NCT of Delhi. Many are here due to poverty and lack of employment in their places. They want to work and help their family financially. Most of the Girls/women are domestic workers. They too revealed that many were influenced by the agents and came to Delhi. Some girls were being exploited physically and sexually by the agents who bring them and some of them were exploited by their employers in their work places. We have taken certain steps such as to motivate the Placement Agencies to run a rescue centers to provide timely help to single tribal women who are rapped and in distress, provide them certain vocational guidance and career counseling for their sustainable development, teach them language and train them for self employment and technical training such as driving etc to enable them to live life with full of confidence with dignity. This kinds of facilities and guidance is essentially required to liberate these women from these situations through "Awareness Programme" and many more alternatives and initiatives. In this context, networking is done with large number of grassroots voluntary organizations those who are working amongst the single tribal women migrants in NCT of Delhi.
  3. Migration/ trafficking problems cannot be stopped; however, this required to be managed properly. To this effect income generating activities need to undertaken in the tribal villages where from the are traffic. They also need to have health services, drink clean water, raise their voice, and get wage paid or self employment job at their door steps. Therefore, employment opportunities need to be created in tribal villages. You can help by graciously donating your hard earn money for these women.