Control & Manage Trafficking

Migration/Trafficking cannot be stopped however, this required to be managed properly.Due to poverty, joblessness, deprivation and exploitation tribal girls/women eject from their habitat and come to metro cities to work as unskilled labour mainly as maid servant. These simple migrations have taken a shape of human trafficking now days. Keeping in view of the complex situation of tribal girls/women, we have to create income/ job opportunities, extend all needed technical support at their villages itself where from these girls/women being trafficked. Provide basic health, clean drinking water, and motivate to adopt sanitation, protect forest, their environment and arts and culture including language. As they are generally living in remote and inaccessible forest villages, therefore, they should be supported to tap the forest resources and produce surplus agriculture produce for income. All efforts should be made to eradicate poverty and to bring them out from the vicious cycle of proverty. Tribal community and all local stakeholders where from these girls/women get trafficked should be sensitized on the trafficking and various other socio economic and legislative support issues.


Those tribal single girls/women who have already been migrated or trafficked to different metro cities should be required counselling, enhancing and upgrading of their knowledge/skills and to provide timely help to train them in job oriented vocations. Also undertake confidence building measures, promotion of their employability and rehabilitation especially to those tribal women who have been raped, physically tortured, financially deprived and sexually exploited. Specifically they need, job oriented training, help for small business to generate income, basic health services, inculcation technical knowledge, development of capacity to be able to extract the available socio economic benefits, protect their culture and identity etc. They should also take up food processing ventures to generate income for their livelihood by processing organic tribal food product, and to extend training for governors, Baby Sitting, Cooking, Elder Care/Patient Care, language (English speaking), identification of numbers, how to contact other at the time of difficulties, personal protection, health and hygienic living, generate awareness of various rights and privileges and also to protect, promote and disseminate the tribal rich culture and identity. Different a should ctivities need to be imparted to enable the tribal migrant women / girls who have already been trafficked and those who are likely to be trafficked to live life with full of confidence, realise their full potentials and march towards the socio economic change in dignified way.