Current Project

Global Fund for Women- Set up of 3 Village Tribal Women Resource Centre (VTWRC) headed and run by Tribal women in the Tribal areas by creating corpus fund. Provided pair of pigs/goats to poorest among the poor tribal women who were at the edge of trafficking from tribal villages and financial support was given to tribal women to undertake small business, purchase seeds and medicines. During the first year of its implementation, overall 187 tribal girls, 64 other disadvantaged girls and 40 women were extended leadership training and capacitated on various issues especially among the tribal girls who are likely to migrate from their villages in search of any gainful employment to cities or towns. Capacity was strengthened among all the girls and women who have participated in our programme during the grant year especially capacitated them to extract the available socio economic benefits being given by both the central and state Governments. 10 women leaders at each Village Tribal Women Resource Centre (VTWRC) were identified to lead others especially to fill the various application forms and complete different formalities for getting socio economic benefits, reporting the atrocities caused on them to police and other civil development authorities, and to help extend all needed support to girls/women at local level. In addition to above, 69 tribal poor women have been given economic support through pigs/goats. We are happy to inform that out of these activities all the 69 tribal women (families) are in the way to come out from the vicious cycle of poverty.