Strategic Plans & Documents

Capacitating tribal community in general and its girls/women in particulars, protecting human health, generate income for tribal family, creating such a situation conducive for the comprehensive growth of the tribal people, generate all needed technical support and enable tribal youths to extract the available socio economic benefits, continue their education and arrest dropouts from elementary/college education, adopt sanitation, drink clean water, protect environment of their surrounding and remain away from the different forms of tobacco use and alcohol. More specifically;

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  • Improve the relationship with government-to- recognized tribes through effective and meaningful consultation, communication, coordination and Cartier Replica Watches outreach
  • Continue to build tribal capacity for program development and implementation,
  • Develop methods for fostering greater program coverage for tribal communities
  • Clean Air and Climate Change
  • Clean and Safe Water
  • Land Preservation and Restoration
  • Healthy Communities and Ecosystems
  • Compliance and Environmental Stewardship