Anual Report

Annual Report 2013-14



Society of Tribal Women for Development (STWFD is a registered under Society Registration Act, 1860. It has also been registered under 12 A and 80 G of Income Tax Act, 1961 for Tax Exemption and to receive foreign donation under Foreign Contribution ( Regulation) Act, 2010.

Increase consciousness among tribal women especially among the single tribal migrant women and those who are at the verge of migration from the tribal areas, develop their socio-economic base, and promote culture and under take development programmes in all the areas of tribal women empowerment, preservation & promotion of tribal rich cultural heritage also to undertake job oriented community development programmes and vocational training.

Empower triba men/ women for social and economic development and enable them to access their due share & develop capabilities.

To develop/capacitate tribal society by capacitating the tribal women comprehensively, promoting, strengthening and expanding Indigenous women oriented society where sustainable development initiatives could be undertaken for marginalized sections of the society and work against human rights violation. We want to transform our Mission & Vision into concrete action by ensuring comprehensive empowerment of tribal women, undertaking job oriented training, enhance income & develop education for faster and inclusive growth.

So far we have undertaken different activities with the financial support of the Government of India, Planning Commission and The Ministry of Tribal Affairs and International Agencies such as United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), UN Trust Fund & mama Cash, and Global Fund for Women. Our main work/activities are empowering/ organizing migrant tribal young people in metropilitan city like Delhi, who have already migrated to cities and towns and those who are at the verge of migration from the tribal areas. During the period under report we thank the Global Fund For Women and with their support we have undertaken a project and set up Village Tribal Women Resource Centres in the tribal areas of Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh states. Under the project we have overall covered 572 tribal men/ women/girls who have participated in our programme activities and increased knowledge/ enhanced capacity in project areas of Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand. 0ut of 572 tribal participants in our project 378 tribal women's capacity has been enhanced.

We have extended leadership training and capacitated on various issues especially among tribal girls who are likely to migrate from their villages in search of any gainful employment to cities or towns. Tribal women/girls capacity was strengthened to extract the available socio economic benefits being given by both the central and state Governments. Specially, how to take the benefits of various rural development programmes, social welfare programme, Social security programme, educational development programmes of /Pre-matric and Post Matic Scholarship, hostel facilities at local level, training facilities available in the vocations of nursing, teaching and information technology etc' constitutional safeguards, different legislative support and enactments, plans and policies implemented for them in their areas. Through 'Village Tribal Women Resource Centre" [VTWRC] we have provided different technical knowledge and information in order to address urgent local needs of marginalized tribal women/girls. Specially, basic knowledge for need based services relating to the life cycle required by tribal women in rural areas viz knowledge of nutritional information including primary processing of available fruits and vegetable, rural sanitation, preventing and curative aspects of health and hygiene, capacity built among tribal women who are at the edge of migration. All these issues were thoroughly discussed among the tribal women and necessary technical knowledge extended to them by the experts. To this effect, various group discussions were organized and documentary supports were provided. All the plan activities of the project were carried out by setting up of Village Tribal Women Resource Centres (VTWRCs) and members of the VTWRCs have helped tribal women to fill different application forms for availing socio economic benefits, reporting atrocities caused on them to police and other civil development authorities, and to help extend all needed support to girls/women at local level.

Through VTWRCs leadership capacity has been enormously enhanced among the tribal girls/women especially who are found at the edge of trafficking from the tribal areas. After knowing all the rules/regulations, schemes and facilities available for them, tribal women have understood the importance of education, and techniques to extract socio economic benefits available for them at their door steps. Tribal women have been capacitated to take available socio economic benefits. All of them now think they are important in their families and for the local civil authorities. Now they are not ignorant, able to say NO to the exploitation, talk for their welfare and development, logically argue for their benefits and report to police for any atrocities cases causes against them and civil development authorities for non development activities carried out by the unscrupulous so call agents or contractors. As per planned activities under the Global Fund For Women Grant Funds we have provided 20 pairs of Pigs and 3 pair of Goats to 23 tribal women to nurture in each VTWRC, hence overall 69 tribal women has been given economic support through pigs/goats. We are happy to inform that out of these activities all the 69 tribal women are coming out from the vicious cycle of poverty and have started generating income.

After implementation of the above project, it has improve our thinking to identify the medium and long term goals of the ongoing project, helped us ensuring that we are in the right direction to achieve objectives set for the project, avoid duplication of the activities and able to ensure project benefits reaches to deprived tribal women in effective way. It has helped us to make future plan/project/schemes for enhancing capacity of the tribal women and to improve their present state of affairs, reduce the bad effects of vicious cycle of poverty and also to reduce gender inequality & bridge the wide gap among tribal women and rest of the society. We have benefitted and enhanced our ability to plan for schools, create health care facilities, potable water and also to provide incentives for continuation of tribal women in schools and colleges.

We have undertaken work of leadership building, rescue work and giving them training for better employment. We believe in caring and sharing ideology, always meet and share our experiences. We take intellectual support from the Tribal People whenever required. Our organization is effectively governed/ run by the functionaries such as Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, Four Executive Members and all chief functionaries are tribal women. During the period under report we have conducted different programmes for generating awareness and promoting tribal identity and culture.


Karam Festival: We have celebrated Karam Festival in order to estblish our identity and to promote our culture. International Indigenous was celebrated this year too and have discussed many matters such as prevalent of HIV AIDS, security of tribal Boys/ girls in NCT of Delhi, Promoting and protecting our identity and culture. During the period under report following work have also been undertaken by the organization.

Leadership building and other programmes

  • Left over work and maintaining regular contact with tribal women where we have made leaders among the tribal women with the help of Mama Cash, project have been rigorously taken up during the period under report.
  • In regard to Policy/Law, creating common platform, having separate employment exchange for registration and recognition of the maid servant job under the National Classification of occupation- different level consultation have been made during the period under report.
  • Rescue cum rehabilitation and training to migrated women are also taken up during the period under report. During the year 2012-13 we have trained 11 girls in babysitting and 2 of them in Geriatric care. Beneficiaries have demanded more and more training programme, we are capable in conducting/organizing job oriented and skills up-gradation short duration training but our financial position had not allowed us to undertake other identified training programme for the migrated tribal boys/ girls. However, to carry out the all identified training programmes as has been done in the RRTC programme, we are looking possible funding from the donor agencies abroad.
  • Conducted Small Group Discussion on different policy and planning aspects related to tribal welfare and development.
  • Conducted workshop during the festival time of Sarhool, International Indigenous Day and Karam Mahotsave on various burning issues of tribal.
  • Participated in different discussions for the benefits of tribal people of India.
  • Prepared project and approached various organization for possible financial support.
  • Regular programme:

The activities of the SGDs are our regular programme and this year also we have conducted SGDs has resulted in reducing the crass exploitation at the local level, they are in the form of unite themselves, believe in collective decision, take up the issues with appropriate authority and help each other in all the aspects of socio economic empowerment. Also undertaken sensitization work among those who have already been migrated and working as domestic servant in metropolitan city in National Capital Territory of Delhi. Tribal women have agreed to follow zero level of exploitation and are ready to push the authority to recognize the maid servant job in the National Classification of Occupation [NCO], We are regularly pursuing the stakeholders to enact the comprehensive legislation to regulate the maid servant, create separate and exclusive employment Exchange for tribal migrant women. Tribal women at the grassroots level are ready to take the responsibility to set up Village Tribal women Resource Centre to get continuous information/support on their socio economic development and also to raise their voice effectively/collectively. While interacting with tribal women during the leadership-building programme at the grassroots level, it was emphatically emphasized that they need continuous support technically and financially for more time. It was also prominently discussed and felt important to set up Village Tribal Women Resource Centre [VTWRC] headed and run by Women at the Village level in order to help and extend the technical support to them. This VTWRC will support in the following issues to Indigenous women at the grassroots level

  • Networking for collective decision
  • Help in filling the different application forms for illiterate Indigenous women to take benefits of the available programmes of the local Government.
  • Inform different policy issues to village level Indigenous women.
  • Provide information of all existing plan and policies relating to Indigenous people.
  • Provide guidelines, applications, meet all other procedural requirements, at the village level.
  • Make available all the economic and educational development programmes of the Government in local language.
  • Help all needy tribal women get benefits of all available plan and programme at their doorsteps.
  • Unite the people at the grassroots level and augment for the political participation in the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) and State Legislative Assembly.
  • All the Human Rights Violation on women would be highlighted and collectively raise their voice to prevent the same.
  • To protect and promote the Indigenous rich culture and identity.
  • Manage tribal women who are at the verge of migration from the areas (registration etc and to reduce the bad effects of migration.
  • Undertake basic health services reaches to the poorest among the poor tribal women in remote and inaccessible tribal villages, and.
  • To undertake sustainable income generation programme such as providing goats/Pigs for their empowerment.
  • General Assembly:

While welcoming you for the General Assembly, I, honorary secretary of the organization on behalf of the Executive Committee hereby placed on record the activity carried out by the organization during the year 2012-13. This year had been very favorable to reach to the tribal Boys/Girls/women who have migrated from tribal areas to NCT of Delhi and those who are at the verge of migration from the tribal areas.

  • Organizations volunteers:

Organizations volunteers and members has impressed upon the local administration to take up various employment generation programmes and impart job oriented training at the local level so as to manage the rampant migration/tgrafficking of young tribal youths to different places in India.

Major Achievement during the period under report:

Karam Mahotsav:

Future Programmes:

  • Community building among tribal people.
  • Women empowerment & Awareness generation programmes.
  • Small Group Discussion conducted.
  • Providing information regarding government schemes & programmes to grassroots level civil society organizations and target population.
  • Identified leaders who can lead their issues.
  • Rescued tribal women victims and extended training.
  • Prepared different project proposals.
  • Work shop conducted for awareness generation and women empowerment.
  • Came in contact with various organizations working for women empowerment & tribal development to work with them and learnt more about tribal problems, different tribal cultures, & various possible help to bring out the tribal people from poverty.
  • Set up VTWRC in Balrampur and Surguja districts of Chhatisgarh and Garhwa, Gumla districts of Jharkhand if funds are located.
  • Revive RRTC at New Delhi to provide timely help to tribal boys and girls at the time of difficult circumstances and impart job oriented short duration skills up-gradation training.
  • Extend technical knowledge and short duration prototype training for sustained livelihood.
  • Efforts will be made to protect Natural Resources.
  • Inculcate the habits of sanitation among rural tribal people.
  • Undertake programme to extend health benefits to rural tribal poor people.
  • Celebrating Karam Mahotsav in Mumbai in addition to Delhi.
  • Networking to have separate employment exchange for domestic workers.
  • Give training to the identified leaders in villages and in Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Provide tribal identified leader with the knowledge and information about government schemes & programmes.
  • Enhance the sale of tribal food products in metro cities.
  • Create revolving funds to help tribal women for socio economic development and bring out them from vicious cycle of poverty.
  • Chairperson express:

Finally, Chairperson express her gratitude to all the members, volunteers those who are working amongst the tribal without much financial benefits and employees of the organization for their excellent efforts towards empowering the tribal women comprehensively. Before concluding the her speech she had categorically requested the Secretary of the organization to locate fund to translate future programme in to concorete action. Meeting ended with the vote of thanks to the Chair.